"Whatever" sculpture and electronic installation

First of his empaths Religious Empathy Device, won the Rista and Beta Vukanovic Grand Award-FFA `s most important prize, for general achievement in the art- at the end of the final year of studies. 
.Empathy Devices is a long -term project composed of installations with inner visual contests and systems blocking direct approach to an exhibit (such as CCTV cameras, sensors or interactive set- ups) responsible for multiple transformation of data and emotionsbefore finally reach the viewer. Some of these installations were realized in collaboration with other artists:Reset Empathy Devices (with members of dez.org art group), Pancevo; Boxes for Empathy-Mobile Studio Project (with Goca belic, Jelena Radic and Tijana Knezevic), Belgrade; Empathy Device (with Tijana Knezevic), Duesseldorf.


"Beyond Theory" Artists: Art Fun Club, Tanja Marković, Jelena Radović, Bojan Đorđev, Siniša Ilić, Dragan Đorđević, Nenad Kostić
Curator: Maja Ćirić 
In their book What Is Philosophy? Deleuze and Guattari venture that different forms of thinking, each in their own way, manage chaos through various interventions upon its essence: that is, philosophy creates concepts, art nurtures sensory feelings, whereas science produces different functions. 
What this exhibition therefore does is relativize and contrast the inevitable interaction between these separate planes of human imagination by pointing to the immanent seepage occurring when different concepts contaminate the realm of sensory impressions, or when certain functions become altered. It is the artists who illuminate the gap resulting from the entropical descent of our neat, theoretical constructs into chaos as inevitable as the one that prompted our endeavors in the first place.