Dragan Djordjevic (b. in 1974, Bela Palanka, Serbia, based in Belgrade)

portretHas a Master degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, sculpture department, class of Mrdjan Bajic, 2006; Graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, sculpture department 2003. Graduated Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade1998. Exhibited in Belgrade, Pancevo, Venice, Vienna and Dusseldorf.
Participated in collateral event of 51st Venice Biennale ‘Real Presence’, and workshops held by Richard Deacon in Belgrade, Milica Tomic in Helsinki, Michel Heiman during Wiener Festwochen, Vienna, Jelica Radovanovic and Dejan Andjelkovic in Belgrade. Artist in residence, Dusseldorf, 2004.
Sculptures acquired for the collection of Belgrade City Museum 2005, 2007.

First of empaths ‘Religious empathy Device’ won ’Grand Award Rista and Beta Vukanovic’, at the end of the final year of studies. This is the most important award at FFA, given for the general achievement in the artistic fields.
Member and co -founder of dez.org group of artists based in Belgrade.

Workshop, coordinated by Jelica Radovanovic and Dejan Andjelkovic (may 2003., FFA Belgrade)
How to Send A Message, coordinated by Milica Tomic (November 2003, Helsinki).
Participated in various summer camps in Yugoslavia, of which I would like to mention the -Summer School in Subotica "Meeting of Students from Southeast Europe" (01.08 – 14.08.2002) and the summer festival GASTHOF in Frankfurt am Main (24.07 – 31.07.2002).

Solo exhibitions:
2008. Ozon Gallery Belgrade
2007. ‘Empathy Device’, Contemporary Art Gallery, Pancevo
2006. ‘Empathy Device’, Dom Omladine Gallery, Belgrade
2004. ‘Empathy Devices’ (with Tijana Knezevic), Kunstpunkte, Duesseldorf
2004. ‘And And Or Or And Or Or Water lily’ Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Belgrade

Group exhibitions:
2015. INVITO, Trieste, Italy,
2014. Gallery Zecevic PUB-SUB Belgrade,
2009. "Milutin Milankovic " Public Monument, Collaborative Project with with Mrdjan Bajic, awarded 2ns place
2009. "Your Time Is Up" Public Sculpture “OUT” Graz, Austria
2009 Parallel Dialogs, The French Cultural Center,Dragan Ðordevic, Isidora Ficovic, Jelena Ilic, Goran Jureše, Danijela Mladenovic, i Nevena Popovic. Kustos: Nada Seferovic.
2008. ‘Empathy Devices’ Kunsthalle, Beyond Theory Wiene
2007. BELEF, Empathy Devices, Kalemegdanska tvrdava
2007. Empathy Device Magacin gallery, Beograd
2007. 'Re-set', Contemporary Art Gallery, Pancevo
2007. Group exhibition,Dragan Djordevic,Nikola Markovic, Aleksandar Jestrovic, Magacin, Belgrade
2006. ‘ZoomToFit’, Ozone Gallery, Belgrade
2006. ‘Mobile Studios’, Public space, Republic Square, Belgrade
2005. ‘Real Presence- Floating Sites’, IUAV Faculty of Arts and Design, Venezia
2004. Exhibition “Transformation of an Unknown city” visual art action, Zrenjanin
2003. Exhibition of Prize Winners of Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2002. Exhibition of Prize Winners of Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade
2004. Exhibition of students’ drawings, Solun
2000-03. ‘Drawings and Sculptures of small formats’, Dom Omladine, Belgrade