Mobile Studios

From April until the end of May 2006, the Mobile Studios will travel as a nomadic multimedia platform from Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade to Sofia, and will temporarily possess the urban spaces in these cities. The Mobile Studios are an internationally networked pilot project of a mobile, autonomous production laboratory for young artists, musicians, performers and cultural programmers.

The Cubes :
Dragan Djordjevic / Tijana Knezevic / Gordana Belic / Milica Ruzicic"The Cubes" read more...

This work would be made of 3 - 5 cubes (size about 60 x 60 x 60cm) which would be positioned within the Live Studio, so that the visitors can put their head in and look at the "works" inside. Inside would be exhibited video game, one short video, a model/sculpture of woman breasts and a sculpture/mechanism of a hand that would cuddle the head of each viewer (this box should give a feeling of "unconditional mother love" and warm emotional impulse to everyone). All the works exhibited would trigger the visitor with his/her impossibility to touch.


RE_SET: [02],, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Pancevo  read more... facebook


Acquired for the collection of Belgrade City Museum 2007. read more...