The work Forever (not referring to love and emotion) also belongs to the edition Whatever. There is no happiness that one can win or achieve; there is only emptiness – banality and moving. If the moving is uniform and in a straight line it is equal to non-moving. The states of changes in moving, i.e. acceleration and slowing down may be called, if characterization is necessary, happiness and sadness. The audio recording and installation are inspired by a novel of and interview with a famous writer, who does not consider fame to be an important category.

Dragan Đorđević

Dragan Đorđević (1974) lives and works in Belgrade. Completed postgraduate studies at the Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture (2006). Interested in multimedia works but not in media art. Like other colleagues from his generation, he mainly looks for the subject of his investigation by himself. He exhibited individually and in group his works from the cycle Empathy in Düsseldorf, Belgrade and Pančevo.Whatever is a group of works that he has started to exhibit in 2007, for the first time at the group exhibition in the former Nolit warehouse.